Our commitments reaffirmed in our charter
Socially fair and ecologically tolerable

« […] Tourism has become a major force for transformation that makes a real difference to the life of millions of people. Its potential in terms of sustainable development is huge. It provides significant means of subsistence, helps fight against poverty, and facilitates the establishment of inclusive development.  Based on the coming together of different populations, tourism can and must promote multicultural understanding and raise awareness of the need to protect natural heritage ».

These words spoken by the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, were adopted by Secret Planet a long time ago. But while “the house is on fire”, we decided not to look elsewhere, convinced that we can, just like each one of us, do more and better and that our economic development model must be socially fairer and ecologically tolerable.

Our commitments make Secret Planet a naturally responsible player, offering rare and longer journeys, thereby ensuring a more favorable flight/stay ratio, with soft means of transport, in small groups, some of which are focused on preservation of biodiversity.  But we need to go further still and act locally with our partners. And we need you.

While we remain convinced that the benefits of our adventure travel, treks and expeditions are greater than their nuisances from a societal viewpoint for our planet, our responsibility as specialists requires from us a pioneering exemplarity. And we need to take the most concrete action possible.

In 2017 and 2018, the development of a sustainable development charter marked a profound transformation for Secret Planet in its way of thinking about travel. The charter set in stone our ambitions, which we now had to translate into concrete actions, on six major themes.

Discover Secret Planet’s sustainable development charter



We take concrete action on our journeys
Six major themes

We identified the areas in which we wished to take concrete action on our journeys.

These are the following five themes, to which are added information and awareness raising for our participants and our local teams, in the context of our communications, particularly in our technical sheets describing our journeys, in the context of training our local teams and finally, other concrete actions in the field such as the collection of waste at high altitude.

Sustainable action plan
Concrete actions for progress

Within these areas, we then identified concrete actions for advancement to be implemented progressively. At the start of each year, we will draw up a sustainable action plan and present the results to you at the end of the year.

We have also applied this principle to our everyday life as a travel agency and have developed a more virtuous approach in terms of energy consumption, traceability of our supplies, etc.



A mutual commitment between us and you
So that adventure rhymes with nature

One last word but not the least. Because, as you’ve understood, this commitment must be shared. And as we cannot accompany you on all your journeys and be everywhere, we rely on you: to ensure local application of these commitments, to make proposals for improvement, and to comment particularly on issues relating to waste management and protection of biodiversity. We invite you to give us your feedback on your return so that, together we can build a future where adventure rhymes with nature.

Contact us on these questions by email at contact@secret-planet.com