Through Saïga, you are aware of our commitment to biodiversity. Biodiversity is the living fabric of our planet.  It contains not only all natural environments and forms of life but also all the relationships and interactions that exist between them. We, as humans, are merely one of the threads in this living fabric.  We avoid over-visited areas, respect natural areas, do not disturb wildlife, etc.



Protection of biodiversity
Practical advice

Biodiversity is a living community. The one to which we belong and that, sadly, human activities are threatening today.

By promoting the protection of biodiversity, our journeys contribute to highlighting its importance for the local populations. However, our presence can affect plants and wildlife if we do not adopt the appropriate behavior. On busy sites, remaining on the footpaths or trails proposed reduces our impact on soils and plants, and avoids disturbing wildlife. We never seek to approach animals head-on as this approach is often perceived as aggressive. On the contrary, if we remain still and let them want to come to us and satisfy their curiosity, we are guaranteed magical encounters. In all cases, priority must be given to the comfort and safety of the animal, and we need to remain attentive to any signs of stress they show. An observation resulting in the animal fleeing is a failure as it has wasted precious moments devoted to feeding, resting, raising their young…   

Wildlife trafficking, the second main type of global trafficking after drugs, is a major factor in the loss of biodiversity. Such trafficking is closely linked with tourism and often involves the traveler unwittingly. As you are probably not expert naturalists, we ask you to refuse to purchase souvenirs produced from wildlife elements. Feathers, ivory, bone, leather, skins can be taken from endangered species and get you into serious trouble when you go through customs. Likewise, wildlife meat, served to tourists on site, is questionably exotic, sustains poaching rings, and contributes to the extinction of wildlife.