It is from our very origins that we derive our respect for cultures and our desire to build fair and sustainable partnerships. The longevity of the latter, sometimes of 40 years, is another proof of our commitment in this matter. We strive for compliance with existing labor laws and the establishment of fair remuneration of our teams.  We commit to the creation of synergies with local, sustainable or ethical initiatives, by including them and giving value to them in our journeys. Aware of the fragile nature of the cultures we encounter, we provide you with all necessary information as to behavior and practices.



Social equity and respect for cultures
Practical advice to facilitate encounters

Our travel motivations are often focused around encounters and our curiosity for different cultures and lifestyles. Our visits directly sustain local economy and have an undisputable positive social impact in countries where living standards are far lower than our own. A reality that should not let us forget the importance of our attitude and our respect for customs and values different from our own

It is our commitment here at Secret Planet to inform you of this, to ensure that each journey is respectful of our hosts. By complying with the appropriate dress codes, you avoid offending sensitivities sometimes very different from our own. By giving fair tips, the economic importance and significance of which vary greatly from region to region, you guarantee the harmony and development of the communities visited. By avoiding the purchase of cultural or historic objects but rather seeking out locally manufactured products for everyday use, based on renewable resources, you preserve heritage and contribute to the harmonious development of local populations.

Last but not least, a few words about photography. What better way to continue and share your travel experience than to bring back photos? However, some images, particularly those involving people, call for some precautions. Because not all peoples and persons have the same relationship to images, and the pressure exerted by the photographer varies according to whether it is occasional or constant, you need to remember that photography should be an exchange, an encounter.  An expression, smiles, the consent of the person photographed are guarantees of a successful portrait. We also stress the importance of keeping your promise to send them your photos, a promise that raises hopes so often dashed!