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Glacier Fedchenko

Fedchenko Glacier with Matthieu Tordeur

Expedition over - End of the Glacier crossing September 15, 2021

Only explored in 1928, the Fedchenko Glacier is the longest glacier in the world, outside the polar zones, at 77 km long. Matthieu Tordeur, Cédric Gras and Christophe Raylat venture there to testify.

17 days | Goals achieved

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Traversée du Pamir

Crossing the Central Pamirs in Tajikistan

Expedition over - End of the crossing August 18, 2021

From Rubot, we trek to the south and get nice views of Karl Marx Peak (6,723 meters), then we sink into the region of the lakes, in high mountain landscapes, quite unique in the world.

18 days | 154 kilometers traveled

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Ascension pic Lénine

Climbing Lenin Peak in Kyrgyzstan at 7,134 meters

Expedition over - Summit reached August 12, 2021

Guided by Serge Bazin, we climb Lenin Peak at 7134 meters. It is considered the most accessible 7,000 in the world, sometimes too casually. However, the success rate is often not even 50%.

27 days | Summit reached

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