The following text is the word-to-word translation into English of our French written "General terms of sales" and "Specific terms of sales".


General informations

The combinations of travel services that will be offered to you form package tours, within the meaning of the French transposed European Ordinance No. 2017-1717 of December 20, 2017. You will benefit from all the rights granted by this text.
We Secret Planet, are responsible as a seller, for the proper execution of the content of the sales contract that binds us. In addition, as required by law, we have a financial guarantee of the funds deposited by travelers and are guaranteed for the consequences of our professional indemnity.

Essential rights granted by the French transposed European Ordinance No. 2017-1717 of December 20, 2017

We will communicate to you, before the signing of the sales contract, all the essential information on the content of the package that we will offer you.

You will be able to assign your sales contract to an assignee meeting the same conditions as you, subject to 7 days' notice and the payment of assignment fees. The prices that we will communicate to you may only be revised in the cases provided for by law (cost of fuel, monetary parities and taxes relating to transport.). If we reserve the right to apply a price increase, you may request a price reduction in the event of a price drop. The sales contract that will bind us cannot be modified less than 20 days before departure.

You can cancel your contract at any time before departure. Subject to payment of the cancellation fee specified in our standard cancellation fee scheme. Any price increase greater than 8% of the amount of the package will allow you to terminate your contract free of charge.

You will be able to terminate your contract free of charge and be fully reimbursed for payments made if any of the essential elements of the package, other than its price, undergo a modification of more than 25% of the price of the trip. If we were to cancel your trip before departure, you could request reimbursement and possible compensation, where applicable.

In the event of serious circumstances occurring at the place of destination or in the immediate vicinity of it, if these had significant consequences on the performance of the contract or on the carriage of passengers to the place of destination, you could terminate your contract free of charge. The sums paid would be fully refunded to you, without you being able to claim any additional compensation.

If, after departure, we cannot provide you with an essential element of your trip, we will offer you replacement services at no additional cost. You will be able to terminate your contract free of charge if the agreed services are not performed in accordance with the contract and this considerably disrupts the execution of the trip without the organizer seeking to remedy the problem.

Travelers are entitled to a fare discount or compensation in the event of non-performance or improper performance of the agreed travel services. We will assist you as soon as you tell us about a difficult situation, or a notorious malfunction.

If we, or our retailer, become insolvent, the amounts paid will be refunded to you. If we, or our retailer, become insolvent after the start of the trip and, if transport is included in the package, your repatriation would be guaranteed. We have taken out insolvency protection with Banque Populaire Loire et Lyonnais. You can contact them – 254, route du 4, avril 69 627 Villeurbanne Cedex Directive (EU) 2015/2302 transposed into national law.

For your information, the text of Ordinance No. 2017-1717 of December 20, 2017 by following this link.




Secret Planet

Secret Planet has five activities: Tamera, Unghalak, Expeditions Unlimited, Saiga and Mahala. Tamera offers adventure trips and expeditions to ethnic groups and peoples around the world, Unghalak, sea and river kayak courses and trips, Expeditions Unlimited, polar and high altitude expeditions, Saïga, wildlife trips immersion and eco-volunteering missions within NGOs committed to the preservation of biodiversity, and Mahala, a specialist in islands.

Secret Planet, SAS with capital of € 500,000
26, rue du Boeuf 69005 Lyon FRANCE (métro Vieux-Lyon)
Phone:  04 78 37 88 88
Websites: ; ; ; ;

The traveler

Anyone of legal age who purchases a journey from Secret Planet featured in its brochure or websites, and related travel trip notes.

The journeys of Secret Planet

Package tours

The trips we offer are package trips. They are considered finished products. It is therefore advisable to buy them by judging whether their prices are in line with your expectations. No price disputes will be accepted upon return from the trip.
Registration for Secret Planet trips implies the acceptance of adaptations and modifications of itineraries made compulsory by compelling circumstances likely to affect the safety of travelers. Secret Planet managers, whose primary concern is to ensure the safety of the participants, are the sole judges to make the decisions that are necessary in such circumstances.

Information form

Travelers who are customers of professionals will benefit from all the protective provisions specific to these modes of sale: financial guarantee of the funds deposited, professional civil liability insurance.
In all cases, Secret Planet is automatically liable, in accordance with the provisions of Article L.211-16 of Ordinance No. 1717 of December 20, 2017.


These Terms of Sale apply to Secret Planet's relationship with all travelers.
Travelers agree, before booking a trip of their choice, to read all the information given to them by Secret Planet, all the specific conditions of sale if any, as well as the guarantees of the insurance they take out.
Any reservation request entails the traveler's full acceptance of these Secret Planet Terms of Sale.

Features of package tours

It is the addition of at least two services of different natures forming a whole and sold by a single registered point of sale and which are offered, sold and invoiced at a fixed price.
Prices are calculated based on the number of nights, not the number of full days. The total duration of the trip means:
- From the day of departure from the time of convocation at the airport of departure.
- On the day of the return trip until the time of arrival at the arrival airport.
Also, we ask that you consider the first day and the last day to be transportation days and not travel days. Also, if you have obligations when you return from your trip. Avoid, if possible, making appointments the day after your return.
Only the benefits and services explicitly specified in our programs are included in the package prices.

Validity of our prices

Our prices are valid from 22/09/21 to 31/10/22.
Prices are established as of 22/09/21 based on the exchange rate and airfares in effect on that date.

Forming the contract

The offers made to the Traveler and designated as such constitute the prior information. They must be given to the latter, prior to the conclusion of the sales contract.
Other Secret Planet publicity materials are not binding on the company. However, they are all sources of information for the success of the trips we offer.
Prior to the conclusion of the sales contract, the Traveler must draw the attention of the seller to any element determining his choice, to any particularity likely to affect the course of the trip of his choice.

Specific cases

A particular state of health, a disability, being under guardianship or curatorship, are all cases that can have a direct impact on participation or the smooth running of the trip or require special formalities. These situations must be notified by the Traveler or his legal representative when drafting the registration form. Persons with disabilities or reduced mobility must be accompanied. The seller will reserve the right to assess the possibility of registering or not the Traveler(s) concerned according to the applicable legal provisions.
The drafting by Secret Planet of the sales contract and its acceptance by the Traveler is mandatory.

Trip booking and deposit

The Traveler can purchase a trip by going to the Secret Planet agency at the address specified above. He can also buy his trip remotely by completing his registration form and returning it duly completed by mail or email to the address above. Finally, he can also apply for registration on the Secret Planet activity websites.
Unless otherwise provided in the special conditions mentioned in the program sheet, Secret Planet receives from the Traveler, at the time of booking, a deposit equal to 40% of the price of the trip.
All registrations will be considered firm and final upon receipt by Secret Planet of the dated and signed registration form, the color copy of their passport and payment of the deposit by the Traveler.

Final payment

Without a follow-up from Secret Planet, the Traveler is required to pay for his trip no later than one month before departure.
In the event of registration within one month of departure, payment of the full price is immediately due upon signing the sales contract. The travel documents can then be handed over to the Traveler until the day of departure.

Order placed less than 30 days before departure

In the event of registration less than 30 days before departure, payment of the full price is immediately due upon signing the sales contract. The travel documents can then be delivered to the Traveler at the airport on the day of departure.

Order placed less than 15 days before departure

Payment will be accepted by credit card only.


By bank cards National credit card - Visa card - Visa Premier card - Visa Platinum - Visa Infinite and Visa Electron - Eurocard - Mastercard.
By bank money transfer.
By bank check payable to Secret Planet. We accept payment by check subject to collection.
We accept cash payment in our agency, up to a maximum of €1,000 per order.

Absence of a right of withdrawal

The legal provisions relating to distance selling provided for in the Consumer Code provide that the right of withdrawal is not applicable to tourist services (Article L 121¬20¬4 of the Consumer Code).

Sales of the travel contract

The prior offer made to the Traveler

The "program description sheet" or "trip notes" of the trip constitutes the prior offer made to consumers, in accordance with the provisions of article R.211¬4 of the Tourism Code. It appears on our websites mentioned above depending on the activity chosen.
Unless otherwise stated in the "program sheet", all our prices are indicated in euros (€). VAT is included.
The sales contract between the Traveler and Secret Planet consists of the prior legal offer and the registration form.
The preliminary offer becomes contractual upon signature of the registration form by the parties.

Changes to the travel contract

From Secret Planet before the trip

Before the signing of the sales contract, according to the applicable legal provisions, Secret Planet reserves the right to possibly replace an air carrier by another, a hotel by an establishment of the same category, a guide designated by another of equivalent competence, or ground transportation by other comparable means.
After the signing of the sales contract, the prices and itineraries mentioned in the program sheet can only be modified as a result of circumstances beyond the control of Secret Planet or as a result of events due to force majeure.
In accordance with the applicable legal rules, the price of a trip may be modified up to 20 days before the departure date according to the following variations affecting:
1/ The cost of transport, which will be reminded that it is determined in particular by the cost of fuel. The variation in the cost of fuel will be reflected in our selling prices, in accordance with the following calculation methods: the part of the revisable transport is fixed at 30% of the total price of our packages.
2/ The variation of fees and taxes relating to the services offered such as landing, boarding and disembarkation taxes in ports and airports which vary according to the destination. In the event of modification of one and/or other of these data, the variation will be fully passed on, in accordance with the directives of the competent authorities in this field.
3/ The share of revisable currencies, when part of the services is invoiced to Secret Planet in foreign currency and which may have an impact on the price of the trips. It is agreed that the share of revisable currencies represents 70% of the total price of our packages. The reference currency is the dollar at the rate of 1.16 euros.
Any refusal on the part of the Traveler(s) remaining registered to pay this adjustment will be considered as a cancellation on the part of the Traveler(s) concerned. The agreed cancellation charges will be levied accordingly.

Due to the Traveler during the trip

Any modification made by the Traveler during the trip involves the payment of new services as well as cancellation fees. The interruption of stay can not give rise to any refund from Secret Planet.

Limit on price increases

If the price increase exceeds 8% of the total price of the package more than 20 days before departure, the Traveler, who will react within the time limit set by the professional, will have the choice between two solutions:
1/ accept the proposed modification;
2/ or terminate the contract without paying cancellation fees and accept another package, if possible of equal or higher quality, in the event that this is proposed by the organizer..

Exceptional circumstances having significant consequences on the course of the trip or stay

The Traveler is entitled to terminate the contract before the start of the trip or stay without paying termination costs if exceptional and unavoidable circumstances, occurring at the place of destination or in the immediate vicinity of it, have significant consequences on the execution of the contract or on the carriage of passengers to the place of destination. In this case, the Traveler is entitled to full reimbursement of the payments made. But not additional compensation. 

Support for accommodation if the return is impossible to ensure

If, due to exceptional and unavoidable circumstances, the professional is unable to ensure the return of the Traveler as provided for in the contract, the organizer will bear the costs of the additional accommodation required.
If possible, in a hotel of equivalent category, and for a maximum of three nights.

Cession du forfait par le vendeur

Le cédant doit impérativement informer l’agent de voyages vendeur, de la cession du contrat par courrier recommandé avec avis de réception au plus tard, sept jours avant la date de départ du voyage.
Le cédant doit indiquer l’état civil (Nom – prénom – âge) et l’adresse complète du/des cessionnaires et des participants du voyage en justifiant que ceux-ci remplissent strictement les mêmes conditions que lui pour effectuer le voyage. Si tel n’était pas le cas, la cession ne pourrait être effectuée.

Contract transfer fees

Procedures following the transfer of a contract entail costs of €150 per person.
Additional charges may be levied if the buyer is late in confirming to communicate his position.
The transfer of a travel contract may incur variable additional costs. If the transferred package includes non-modifiable or non-refundable transportation, corresponding to the fees charged by the airline, will be applied to the traveler.
They will be due "in solidum" by the assignor and/or the assignee when the assignment involves a reissue. It is specified that, in certain cases, the airlines charge fees higher than the price of the initial contract of carriage.

Cancellation by Secret Planet

If Secret Planet were forced to cancel the trip, several alternatives, if they exist, would be offered to the Traveler. If the Traveler does not accept any of the alternative solutions, Secret Planet will reimburse all sums paid by the Traveler or on their behalf, in accordance with the applicable legal provisions, without undue delay and no later than 14 days after the cancellation of the contract.

Cancellation for insufficient number of participants

Secret Planet may have to cancel a departure if the number of registered participants is less than the minimum required and specified in the program description sheet. This decision will be communicated to the Traveler no later than 20 days before the scheduled departure date. Secret Planet will reimburse him the sums he has paid without further compensation. Alternative travel solutions will be offered if they exist.

Maximum number of participants

The maximum number of participants is specified in the program description sheet. However, the maximum number may be exceeded in the event that the last person to register wishes to travel with another person or persons traveling with them. The services will not be modified and the travel conditions will therefore be identical. 

Cancellation by the Traveler

Any travel cancellation due to the Traveler must be notified to Secret Planet as soon as possible, by mail allowing an acknowledgment of receipt to be kept. The cancellation will take effect from the date of receipt of the cancellation letter by Secret Planet. Unless otherwise provided in the special conditions mentioned in the program description sheet, an amount of €100 per person will be collected by Secret Planet as management fees for the Traveler's cancellation, in addition to any other cancellation fees. The insurance taken out as well as the consular costs (visa, intervention costs, etc.) are never refundable.
Any cancellation must also be notified by the Traveler to his insurance company, if he has not taken out cancellation insurance with Secret Planet, as soon as possible by any durable medium.

Cancellation of non-refundable tickets

To obtain the best possible airfares, Secret Planet is required to book flights that are neither modifiable nor refundable. Upon receipt of the deposit validating the Traveler's registration for the trip of their choice, the plane tickets are immediately reserved and issued. They are therefore neither modifiable nor refundable. In the event of cancellation by the Traveler, the total amount of the plane tickets issued could be fully payable by Secret Planet according to the conditions of the carrier. It will be partially or totally deducted from the sums reimbursed to the Traveler. A supplement may be requested from the Traveler if their trip has not been settled on the date of cancellation.

Cancellation of other non-refundable services

In addition to the cancellation fees specified above, in certain other cases, of which the Traveler will be informed prior to the sale, he may be charged cancellation fees for ground services (accommodation, transfers, etc.) or services (guide, porterage). This amount depends on the conditions of sale that may be imposed on Secret Planet by its suppliers. These fees can sometimes amount to 100% of their actual cost, particularly in the context of a privatization of a trip or the chartering of a boat, plane or accommodation by a group.

Cancellation costs due to the Traveler

The requirement of payment conditions for Secret Planet suppliers (air carriers, hotels or other service providers) imposes the collection of cancellation fees, which are all the more significant as the departure date approaches. In the event of cancellation by the Traveler, the reimbursement of the sums paid will take place after deduction of the amounts specified below according to the date of cancellation. In the event of a no-show at the airport for whatever reason, the cancellation costs amount to 100% of the total price of the services.

Cancellation fees

The fees below apply to all of our trips and programs with the exception of a few specific programs (expeditions, cruises, etc.), whose specific cancellation fees are precisely described in the special conditions mentioned in the program description sheet. The specific cancellation conditions described in the technical sheet prevail over all other cancellation conditions otherwise described in this document.

From 60 to 31 days before departure 15% of the total trip price
From 30 to 21 days before departure 35 % of the total trip price
From 20 to 14 days before departure 50 % of the total trip price
From 13 to 7 days before departure 75 % of the total trip price
Less than 7 days before departure 100 % of the total trip price



Consular formalities and security

They are communicated to you by Secret Planet, prior to the conclusion of the sale. They concern French nationals or nationals of another European Union country or of a State belonging to the European Economic Area.
Secret Planet strongly advises the Traveler to consult the country recommendations of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs relating to your trip (country of destination and country of transit) on the website in the section “Advice to Travelers” , or inquire by telephone on +33 1 43 17 86 86 (Ministry monitoring unit).
Secret Planet also draws the Traveler's attention to the fact that the information provided may change up to the date of departure. It is therefore advisable to regularly consult the sites mentioned or others. Secret Planet may be required, for certain particularly sensitive destinations, to have the Traveler sign a certificate, under its obligation to inform. This request does not in any way constitute a disclaimer.
It is the Traveler's responsibility to scrupulously comply with these formalities and to ensure that the surnames and first names appearing on the travel documents (reservations, tickets, vouchers, etc.) correspond exactly to those appearing on the passport. used to make the trip. The costs of issuing the required documents and the applicable consular or health formalities are always borne by the Traveler.

Sanitary risks

Secret Planet strongly advises the Traveler to consult the recommendations by country on the Institut Pasteur website or to call them on +33 1 45 68 80 88, to consult a doctor or a tropical disease.
It is the Traveler's responsibility to scrupulously respect the vaccination formalities and other required medical formalities. Vaccination or treatment costs are always the Traveler's responsibility.

Travel documents

The travel documents (convocation, ticket, etc.) sent by Secret Planet must be printed and kept by the Traveler. The latter must always be able to present these supporting documents throughout their trip or stay. Secret Planet cannot be held responsible for the consequences of the Traveler not presenting the travel documents to the service providers concerned.

Air Transport

Airport check-in

Unless otherwise stated in writing, the Traveler is called, for reasons related to the safety of air transport, three hours before the take-off time of the plane appearing on his ticket. The Check-in Deadline is the deadline after which passengers are no longer boarded. It varies according to the air carriers. If the time limit is not respected, places may be allocated to other Travelers. In this case, no refund can be made by Secret Planet.

Impossibility to voluntarily give up your seat at the request of the airline

In the event of overbooking of its flights, the ground staff of the air carrier or its representatives may encourage you to transfer your reservation in return for certain advantages. We urge you to categorically refuse this type of solicitation, which may shorten, modify or even cancel your sales contract. This decision, taken at your sole initiative, exempts us from liability.
We could not in any case proceed to any form of refund whatsoever.

Airlines used

The airlines used are communicated when the preliminary offer is published. They are therefore given for information only and are subject to change. The schedules, any stopovers and the means of transport planned are communicated when the invitation is sent, but remain however subject to modification until the day of departure in accordance with the provisions of articles R.211¬15 to R.211- 18 of the Tourism Code.
Flights can be direct (non-stop) or have one or more stopovers. It is then the same flight identified by the same flight number, including for code-share flights.
Black list of airlines banned from flying in the European Union: pursuant to article 9 of European Regulation 2111 of 14 December 2005, the list of airlines banned from operating in the European Union can be consulted on the website www. The last update is dated June 16, 2018.

Pre and post shipments

Secret Planet strongly advises Travelers to book tickets that can be changed, or even refunded, to avoid any risk of financial loss in the event of international flight delays. Travelers are also advised not to plan any major commitments on the day of their return or the following day.

Air transport prices

Prices for Secret Planet programs are calculated based on average airfares in a specific booking class. It is possible that at the time of registration by the Traveler, this booking class is no longer available, in particular during holidays, high season, etc... In this case, Secret Planet offers the Traveler, before signing of the sales contract, a different price which may imply a more or less significant price supplement. 

Service on board

A growing number of airlines charge for meals and drinks on board. These services are never included in the price of your contracted trip.


Each company has its own baggage policy. Most frequently, the maximum allowed is 20 kg on scheduled flights. Secret Planet invites the Traveler to close their luggage with a padlock in order to secure them as best as possible during transport.
In the event of an excess, if authorized, the Traveler may have to pay a supplement directly to the airline at the airport at the time of check-in. In terms of baggage, the airline is liable to the Traveler only up to the compensation provided for by international conventions.
Secret Planet invites the Traveler to consult the website to find out about the restrictions relating to liquids contained in cabin baggage. Each airline adopts its own policy on items not permitted in checked or unchecked baggage. Secret Planet cannot be held responsible for the confiscation or destruction of objects deemed dangerous by airlines or airport authorities or for the non-boarding of baggage at the time of departure.
Each airline has its own policy regarding the acceptance of cabin baggage. In general, carriers accept only one piece of cabin baggage whose total of the three dimensions does not exceed 115 cm and whose weight is less than 8 kg. This luggage remains under the exclusive responsibility of its owner for the duration of the transport.

Contents of cabin baggage

During security checks, the Traveler must now present separately in a closed transparent plastic bag measuring approximately 20 cm by 20 cm, their bottles and tubes of a maximum of 100 ml each.
In order not to slow down security procedures and to avoid the risk of having their products confiscated before boarding, Secret Planet advises the Traveler to carefully read the detailed information on the website
For safety reasons, all electronic and telephony devices that you take with you in the aircraft cabin must be charged and in working order. Any device that cannot be started at the time of departure may be confiscated by the security services.

Loss or damage to luggage

In the event of loss or damage to luggage checked into the hold, prior to any complaint to Secret Planet, the Traveler must contact the airline of the flight on arrival, have them note the loss or damage to their luggage. before leaving the airport, then by sending him a statement. The Traveler must attach to this declaration the originals of the following documents: ticket, declaration of loss, baggage check-in coupon. Whether the Traveler has taken out an insurance contract through Secret Planet or not, it is their responsibility to make this declaration themselves to their insurer.

Air transport liability

The consequences of accidents or incidents that may occur during the performance of air transport are governed by the provisions of the Warsaw or Montreal Convention or by the local regulations governing national transport in the country concerned. The liability of Secret Planet cannot exceed the limits provided for by these texts.

Valuables and luggage

Given the special nature of Secret Planet travel, the Traveler is encouraged to avoid taking valuables with them such as jewelry, valuable watches, laptops, etc. Secret Planet cannot be held responsible for the loss or theft of these goods.

Illegal products

It is forbidden to buy and transport illegal products: counterfeit objects, narcotics, animal skins protected by the Washington Convention, etc. In addition, it is also forbidden to pick up or buy objects from archaeological deposits, historical sites or belonging to the heritage of the country visited. Failure to comply with these prohibitions may lead to criminal penalties or imprisonment, whether in France or in the country of destination. Please consult the website

Accommodation and meals

The comfort of the accommodation given in the program sheet corresponds to an assessment with reference to local standards in the host country and may therefore differ from French and European standards. Secret Planet strives to inform the Traveler as precisely as possible about the comfort conditions of their accommodation.
In accordance with the program sheet, accommodation can also be provided in lodges, homestays, bivouacs, tents or under the stars.
In accordance with the program sheet and given the special nature of Secret Planet trips, meals are most often simple, even modest. They are most often prepared with local products by local cooks. Secret Planet reminds the Traveler that its legal obligations relate only to the supply of the agreed number of meals and not to the subjective assessment of the quality, even the quantity or the variety of the dishes served.
In some countries, providers do not always have drinking water and the use of water purification tablets is recommended or even mandatory. The purchase of water bottles remains possible but ecologically inadvisable... The pastilles like the water bottles remain the responsibility of the Traveler.

Itinerary modification and responsibility

The content of the sales contract validated by the parties is likely to be modified during the trip in the event of extraordinary circumstances or any other event of force majeure. In this case the responsibility of Secret Planet is likely to be exonerated from this fact.
Secret Planet cannot be held liable for any activity taken out locally by the Traveler that is not included in our package trip.

Particularities of adventure travel and expeditions

Weather conditions can change from moment to moment. Sometimes several times in the same day. At any time, the group leader (guide, tour leader, skipper) can make the decision to change the itinerary for the sake of safety for the participants in the trip. This point is an integral part of Secret Planet exploration journeys. Any decision will be systematically taken, always according to the weather conditions of the moment, to allow the Travelers, the optimal and safe discovery of the region (s) concerned. impose in such circumstances.
At all times, Travelers must strictly observe the safety instructions given by management. It is totally forbidden to move away from guides and attendants. Moreover, the fragility of the fauna and flora implies absolute compliance with the instructions given.

Suitability of the Traveler for adventure travel and expeditions

The Traveler must be in good health. He undertakes to inform the agency of any health problems or medical treatments in progress, which without being prohibitive, could make visiting certain places dangerous. Secret Planet organizes adventure trips and expeditions. The Traveler is aware of the risks he may run by participating in this type of trip, risks due in particular to the distance from medical centers, physical effort or altitude, in particular. The Traveler is required to comply with the rules of caution and to follow the advice given by the professionals who supervise these trips, never to remain isolated from the rest of the group, etc. Secret Planet cannot be held responsible for accidents that would be due to the individual imprudence of a member of the group, and reserves the right to expel at any time from a group, any person whose behavior could be considered as endangering the safety of the group or the well-being and cohesion of the participants. Secret Planet urges the Traveler to consult a doctor to ensure that he has the skills to make the trip of his choice.

Guiding language for Secret Planet journeys

All the trips we offer in all of our programs are, unless otherwise specified in the prior offer, operated by French speaking guides.

Travel insurance

Secret Planet systematically offers the Traveler travel insurance before the conclusion of the sale. They cannot be imposed on the Traveler, but they are strongly recommended to the Traveler in view of the isolation and the nature of Secret Planet travel.
When a contract is taken out more than 30 days before the date of departure, the Traveler has a withdrawal period of 14 days to cancel his purchase to avoid the overlapping of insurance policies with similar warranties. For this, he must prove that he is covered by another contract than the one that was sold to him. Under these conditions, Secret Planet reimburses the premium without costs or penalties.
Secret Planet offers insurance with Chapka insurance under contract number 2243705. Details are available on request or can be downloaded from The percentages are to be taken from the entire cost of the trip, including air taxes. In summary, we offer three complementary insurance options:

Explorer Assistance : 2,50 % of the total amount of the trip  

Subscription at the time of payment of the deposit, possible until the day before the departure of the trip.
This insurance offers cover for search and rescue costs, repatriation assistance and medical costs, damage to luggage, interruption of stay, and private civil liability;

Explorer Multirisques : 4,50 % of the total amount of the trip  

Mandatory subscription at the time of payment of the deposit, at the latest 10 days before the departure of the trip.
same as Explorer Assistance 2.50% plus insurance covering trip cancellation and civil liability abroad;

Explorer Complémentaire CB : 3,20 % of the total amount of the trip  

Mandatory subscription at the time of payment of the deposit, at the latest 10 days before the departure of the trip.
This insurance is offered to holders of a premium bank card (Visa Premier or Infinite, MasterCard Gold or Platinum, etc.) issued by a French bank which includes guarantees for repatriation assistance and medical expenses. It provides the insured with additional ceilings and guarantees on search and rescue costs, repatriation assistance, medical expenses, cancellation, in particular for Covid-19, modification of the trip, damage to luggage. and interruption of stay.

The conditions of the insurance taken out are given to the Traveler when booking. These include limitations of cover, exclusions, deductibles and obligations in the event of a claim. Secret Planet invites the Traveler to read these documents carefully. In this case, the insurance taken out, in particular within 30 days of departure, is never refundable.


Any failure observed by the Traveler in the course of the trip must, as far as possible, be the subject, on his initiative, of a written observation on the spot with the guides, representatives or local incoming agents of Secret Planet. Upon return from the trip, any complaint must be sent to Secret Planet by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, within one month of the return from the trip. Failure to comply with this deadline is likely to affect the quality of the processing of the complaint file. Only proven objective facts forming part of the sales contract will be taken into consideration.
It is expressly agreed that the data kept by Secret Planet and/or its partners has probative value with regard to orders placed. The data on computer or digital media kept by Secret Planet constitutes admissible evidence in all litigation or other proceedings. In the same way as any document in writing which would be established, received or kept by Secret Planet.

Use of mediation

The Traveler must imperatively express his complaints to Secret Planet for any dispute that may arise regarding the validity of his travel contract, its interpretation, its execution or its non-execution, its modification or the termination of the contract, the Traveler must imperatively express his complaints to the seller of the disputed trip. As such, in the absence of a response deemed satisfactory by the Traveler or by Secret Planet itself, the most diligent party will submit the subject of the dispute to the Tourism and Travel Mediator.
For the good information of the Traveler, Secret Planet specifies that the intervention with the Mediator of Tourism and Travel is free as far as it is concerned. Even so, he would be at the initiative of his referral.
Contact the mediator: MTV Mediation tourism travel - BP 80"303 75 823
Paris Cedex 17. Internet: 

Limitation of liability

The content of the sales contract validated by the parties is likely to be modified in the event of extraordinary circumstances or any other event relating to force majeure. External facts or persons not participating in the performance of the contract, or even the Travelers themselves. In this case, the liability of Secret Planet could be partially or totally exonerated.

Compulsory financial guarantee

t is provided by the APST in the amount of € 242,000. It is intended to protect the Traveler against a possible failure of Secret Planet..

Professional Civil Liability Insurance

Secret Planet has taken out insurance guaranteeing the pecuniary consequences of its professional civil liability, contracted with the company Hiscox France, 38 Avenue de l'Opéra - 75002 Paris. Contract No. RCAPST/315286.

Intellectual property

All the content of the information communicated by Secret Planet to the Traveler for the realization of his trip remains his exclusive property.


The fact that Secret Planet does not avail itself at a given moment of one of the provisions of these conditions of sale cannot be interpreted as a waiver of the right to avail itself of any of the said provisions at a later date. In the event that one of the provisions of the conditions of sale is declared to be null or without effect, this provision shall be deemed to be unwritten, without this affecting the validity of the other provisions, unless the provision declared null or without effect was essential and decisive.

Photos and illustrations

Secret Planet strives to illustrate its travel offers with photos or illustrations giving a realistic overview of the services offered. It is however specified that the photos and illustrations appearing in the descriptions of the trips are only intended to indicate the category or the degree of standing of the services concerned or the instantaneous vision of a landscape at a given moment.

IT and freedom

According to the terms of law n° 76-17, known as the “data-processing law and freedom”, the Traveler is informed that his reservation is subject to computerized nominative processing. This information allows Secret Planet and its partners to process and fulfill this reservation. The right of access and rectification guaranteed by law must be sent in writing to Secret Planet at the address specified above. The applicant will be required to prove his identity.

Data protection

Secret Planet takes the protection and confidentiality of your data very seriously, updates its security policy in accordance with the GDPR.
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in Europe on May 25, 2018, with the aim of giving you more control over all of your data and how it is used.
Secret Planet has made several changes viewable in the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. These changes are effective from May 25, 2018.

Applicable law

Secret Planet is a French company. The sales contract concluded with Secret Planet is governed by French law.

Court of competent jurisdiction

Any dispute falls under the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent French courts. 

Legal Notice

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These terms of sale were updated on 27/03/2022.