We also invite you to share our commitment to waste reduction. In the countries you visit, always prefer your own water bottle to plastic bottles. Bear in mind that few countries possess collection and recycling solutions. If you consider that in France, only one bottle out of four is recycled, just imagine in Peru, Ethiopia or Nepal… Moreover, plastic bottles do not always guarantee the health safety you can expect. Last but not least, ensure you bring back with you all toxic waste: batteries, old medication, small electronic devices, etc.



Waste management
Practical advice

As we produce objects that cannot be broken down by nature, the question of waste has become a major global ecological issue. When travelling, our attention focuses on two main types of waste: plastics and toxic waste.

By drastically cutting down on our use of packaged products, bottles, and other manufactured foodstuffs, we play an active part in reducing the flow of 35 million tons of plastic waste that, each year, end up in nature.

It’s easy to take with you your own water bottle and a stock of water purification tablets. That’s simpler, safer and more healthy than to drink bottled water that could have been contaminated by undesirable plastic elements as a result of unsuitable storage conditions. 

The main toxic waste we take with us on our travels are medication and batteries. Unused medication can be left at a clinic – but never given to individuals for safety reasons. However, all out-of-date medication, together with all batteries, must be brought back to Europe to be processed.