Tamera is Secret Planet's trek and adventure journeys activity.

Set up some 30 years ago, both young and experienced, Tamera is what dreams are made of! Over time we have developed an insightful and, at times, pioneering offering of treks and adventures worldwide, thanks to a network of experts we can call friends.

Tamera is how you say “openness” in Tamahaq, the language of the Tuaregs. It is from this spirit of openness to others and of curiosity that we have always derived our originality and our creativity.

Ethnic groups, festivals and celebrations, along with treks, high altitude mountain expeditions, exploratory and long journeys: they all form Tamera’s trademark, our cornerstone, our passion.

We never cease to innovate in the journeys we develop. In small groups, we set out on expedition to discover regions and peoples rarely visited, to explore mountain passes, peaks and remote valleys, and experience at first-hand what the first explorers and discoverers felt.

Our selection

Our selection

Our selection


Our aim is to offer rare, challenging, and meaningful travel, journeys that few people have made or ever will. Life-transforming travel… For all time. Our journeys are often long and adventurous. Exceptional experiences call for a long period of immersion.

We wish to guide you towards those men and women who have moved us and those places that have made us marvel. Our journeys are our mirror image: there is not one that we haven’t made or dream to make. And that’s our uniqueness and our strength.

Each of our journeys has a “before” and an “after”. By this we mean that participants, when they return, are changed, long-term, and feel greater empathy towards the world, nature, and themselves. Such is our promise and our conviction.

Pictogramme valeur Tamera passion

Passionate about our profession, we are lovers of freedom and adventure

The people who advise you are those who created your journey. And, above all, they themselves are much-travelled and are seasoned adventurers. There is not one journey we offer that we haven’t made or dream to make.

Pictogramme valeur Tamera experts

We create ground-breaking treks and facilitate incredible encounters

Far from the beaten track, we offer ambitious and unique treks that other travel agencies cannot program. We plunge into the heart of traditional communities, frequently during festivals or other rare events.

Pictogramme valeur Tamera engagement

We believe in a respectful and eco-responsible tourism

We always travel in small groups, respect our collaborators and local partners, ever loyal, strive to protect biodiversity, optimize and valorize our CO2 emissions for international flights. Discover our sustainable development charter.

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Réouverture de l'Inde : notre sélection de voyages

Reopening of India: selection of journey

November 2021

India is reopening its doors to foreign travelers from November 15, 2021, excellent news that allows us to make you discover once again the thousand and one facets of this vast fascinating country for which we have redesigned our programming. Discover the new post-covid formalities to enter India and our programs across the country.

Le Népal rouvre ses portes

Nepal reopens

September 2021

Nepal, land of unconditional trekking and adventure, announces the end of quarantine for vaccinated people and, at the same time, the reinstatement of visas at the border. All the lights finally seem to be green for Nepal this fall. Discover the entry formalities and our selection of trips.

Dersou Ouzala

Dersu Uzala: explorations in Ussuri

November 2021

The Transboréal editions offer us, this autumn, the complete translation of the scientific expeditions in Ussuri led by Captain Vladimir Arseniev in 1902, 1906 and 1907: Dersu Uzala. Difficult not to be seized with vertigo on the threshold of the presentation of this monumental work! We invite you to risk a few first steps in the vast spaces of this "literary cathedral" that is Dersu Uzala.

Expédition hivernale au Pakistan

Pakistan winter expedition

October 2021

Barbara Delière, Pamir and Pakistan area manager, left in the spring of 2021 with Laurent Boiveau for a fully autonomous ski and pulka expedition to Pakistan, a country they know well, both being guides for Tamera and experts in its regions. Passionate about wide open spaces and committed treks, they do not envisage adventure other than on the ground. Back on their adventure.

Nouveau voyage : exploration à pied de la côte est du Groenland

New adventure: Greenland on foot

September 2021

"Greenland", the green land, as the Vikings called it in the 10th century, a name that sounds like an invitation to a polar adventure. This summer, we are returning to explore the west of the country during an ambitious 14-day trek in assisted autonomy, alternating between roaming and fixed camp. An original discovery of the east coast of Greenland and a rare immersion in an all-powerful nature. Discover this new adventure



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Climbing summits 7,000 to 8,000 meters high, skiing to the North and South poles, snowkiting in the Arctic and Antarctic…. A unique and exclusive offering that makes us the leading French-speaking high altitude and polar expeditions agency.

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Guided by recognized, communicative specialists, we propose beginners and advanced training courses to help you progress and turn your dreams into reality, both safely and in full peace of mind: mountaineering, polar, first-aid, etc.

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Tamera voyages nature

Alongside committed experts who share their passion for wildlife and biodiversity with you, enter into the very heart of nature on our planet for an emotion-packed journey of discovery and observation of the natural world.

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