Expeditions Unlimited is Secret Planet's very high altitude and polar expeditions activity.

Since 2011, we have been committed to promoting the human dimension of exploration as much as the mental and physical challenge.

Expeditions Unlimited’s explorers and guide are among the world’s best in their specialty. Unassuming about their past feats, they carry within themselves an ethic of exploration. A form of humanism unites them. They offer us extraordinary expeditions, in regions untouched by man, whether it is mainly very high altitude and polar lands, but also deserts or forests on the planet.

We offer the ascent of the fourteen peaks over 8,000 meters, all located in the Himalayas, as well as some handpicked 7,000 meters, sometimes to progress to 8,000 meters, always as exciting expeditions in themselves. We reach the North and South Poles by ski pulka, cross the Greenland ice cap sometimes by ski-kite, carry out tailor-made expeditions in all the polar regions, in Antarctica in particular.

Our complete offer plunges us into the universe of the world’s most esteemed operators where we are unquestionably the only French-speaking travel agency. We assume this responsibility with pride and, above all, with respect and humility: preparation, excellence of our guides and expedition leaders, equipment quality, safety, medical preparation and hotline, weather expertise, live communication for your community… We make these expeditions accessible to enthusiasts and guide them in accomplishing the journey of their life.





Building on our extensive experience from some fifty expeditions, we group and coordinate expertise and skills to help you plan and accomplish your expedition. We are fully committed by your side and by your expedition leader.

To tackle an expedition safely and in full peace of mind, you must be physically and technically prepared. We are there to build with you your progression program. Before your departure, we offer theoretical, hands-on, and medical preparation with your guide and the other participants.

An expedition’s success depends on the right decision being made at the right time. We choose the most experienced expedition leaders and select the local team ourselves. Our expedition gear and material are of the highest quality. We use the services of top-notch weather forecasting and medical experts.

Pictogramme valeur Expeditions Unlimited passion

We are passionate about challenging expeditions

Between us, we have summited many 7,000 to 8,000 meter peaks, reached the Poles from the pack ice from the coast (South Pole) and the continent (North Pole), and crossed ice caps, tropical forests and whole continents.

Pictogramme valeur Expeditions Unlimited experts

We set up top quality teams

Our expedition leaders are among the best in the world for the project in question. Such expertise guarantees serious preparation beforehand, followed by rigorous application on the ground, ensuring the right decision is made at the right time.

Pictogramme valeur Expeditions Unlimited engagement

Your safety above all else

Our expeditions take place in wild, extreme environments. This requires small groups, quality gear and material, and operational choices that place your safety above all else.

Latest articles

Snowkite : de l'apprentissage aux grandes expéditions avec Michaël Charavin

Our new snowkiting programs

December 2021

Discover our four new journeys or mini-expeditions guided by French snowkiter Michael Charavin, one of the most experienced expedition kiters. With him, we now offer four programs of 8 to 10 days in Norway, in a logic of pleasure hiking based in a chalet, roaming in tents, or training in preparation for your next ambitious expedition.

Récit de l'expédition de nettoyage en Himalaya

Technica - Cleansing in the Himalayas

December 2019

Breffni Bolze left with Expeditions Unlimited on the clean-up operation of Mount Mustagh Ata in the Himalayan range. This project carried out has made it possible, from the first base camp at 4,400 meters to the summit at 7,546 m, to collect 800 kilos of waste! In the heap, tin cans, syringes, but also gas bottles or even batteries. Discover this amazing team work!

Envisager un 8 000 - Entretien avec Bernard Muller

Consider an 8,000 with Bernard Muller

October 2021

Bernard Muller, one of the most renowned French expedition leader for very high altitude, comes back in a fascinating interview on our expedition to Everest from which he returns, the other 8,000 meter peaks and their characteristics, key factors of achievement of such summits, oxygen... He himself has reached six peaks over 8,000 out of the fourteen on the planet.

Reinhold Messner au Nanga Parbat

Reinhold Messner at the Nanga Parbat

November 2021

We've chronicled the German tragedies of 1934 and 1937 at Nanga Parbat, followed by Hermann Buhl's mind-boggling victory in 1953. But "The Killer Mountain" isn't done raging. Siegfried Löw, first on the Kinshofer route on the Diamir side in 1962, then Günther Messner in 1970 on the Rupal side were also the victims immolated on the formidable mountain.

Journal de bord : ascension du Manaslu (8 163 m)

Logbook: ascent of Manaslu (8,163m)

October 2021

At the beginning of September, Expeditions Unlimited carried out its first expedition to Manaslu, the eighth highest peak on the planet at 8,163 meters. An extraordinary adventure in which Eric Bonnem, founder of Expeditions Unlimited and Secret Planet took part. He makes us live this ascension through the images and texts he sent us daily.

Kangchenjunga 8 586 m, une belle aventure humaine

The conquest of Kangchenjunga (8,586 m)

December 2021

To reach the summit of Kangchenjunga, it took fifty-six years of intense effort. First the "Haute Route" in 1899. In 1905, a sulphurous mage determined the correct route of ascent. In 1929 and 1931, the Germans fought an exhausting and sometimes tragic struggle. Then in 1955, two Britons finally set foot on the summit of the mountain. Back to those intense years.

Montagnes Magazines - Christophe Faisy

Montagnes Magazine - Interview with Christophe Faisy

April 2020

Passionate about mountaineering and having already participated in several high altitude expeditions, Christophe Faisy was to go to Everest this spring on the expedition organized by Expeditions Unlimited, of which Montagnes Magazine is a partner. A pulmonologist and resuscitator by profession, Christophe saw his plans change with Covid-19.




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