With Expeditions Unlimited, Tamera and Saïga, the three activities of Secret Planet, we propose adventure and nature journeys unprecedented of its kind. We want programs that are rare, meaningful that very few people have carried out.

Our main theme is adventure, nature ... and everywhere encounters. We do not seek a performance; we seek knowledge, often from others; because it is encounters that transform our hiking into adventures. Encounter is at the heart of all our programs, whether it be with ethnic groups, nature experts or authentic explorers.

Our trips are long. We take the time to immerse fully ourselves and live unique experiences. Exploring, discovering, and preserving are the three dimensions of Secret Planet. Nature is our playground: it is expressed in its diversity with Tamera, in its fragility with Saïga, and in its strength and power with Expeditions Unlimited.

Our voyages are not up for grabs. They are dreamt up, fantasized, and then they prepared and earned: some discomfort, physical commitment, willingness…Endeavor and willing to change is often your main contribution to live the extraordinary experiences which we invite you to.

By discovering our programs and our blog, you stroll in the spirit of Secret Planet, which includes our fierce desire for independence and freedom, with a human touch. We want to guide you to those who have moved us and take you to places that have amazed us.

What follows is not a travel brochure. What follows is our spirit. There is not a single journey that we have not made ​​or that we would not love to make. Therein lies our specificity, our strength.




Our expertise is closer to that of a scientific laboratory than that of a travel agent! We have a unique expertise of ethnic groups and populations throughout the world due to a long-built network. Our explorers in hostile environments are among the best in the world. Our NGO partners are very careful in the conservation of species and wildlife and are among the most respected ones.

In 2015, we were immersed in the culture of peoples during dozens of Guizhou festivities and in Kham. We crossed the Amazon rainforest to meet the Matses Indians practically a world first. We met shamans in Mongolia in which the participants returned changed forever. We were one of the three teams in the world to reach the North Pole with skis and pulkas.

Our expertise leads us to advice and assist scientific expeditions, audiovisual production or institutional organizations on the field. Often our participants, who are experts themselves, help us progress through their diligence.




Travel enthusiasts, we chisel our programs like artisans or goldsmiths. We design our programs in the manner of your dreams and our dreams.

We are offering our creativity, our knowledge of the field, our experience, and our expertise to build and customize any adventure or nature journey in the world.




In order to better immerse ourselves in less visited areas, in order to not disturb our hosts, in order to not be in conflict with our conservation objectives and sometimes for security reasons, we travel in really small groups, usually between two to six people. Some journeys can accommodate up to ten people, others for a single participant.

Great ties with our correspondents allow us great flexibility in adjusting a trip to your wishes when you form a “closed” group, whatever the number. Thus, without your authorization, no external participant will join you and we can customize your trip by adapting to your rhythm, with any extensions you desire, a higher level of comfort, specific activities, etc.




The Internet is growing at lightning speed and we are too small a structure to be constantly changing our technology and our search engine optimization, etc. We spend the majority of our resources in building your journeys. That said, the web can quickly help find targeted information, datasheets, guaranteed departure dates, group compositions, our blogs and we have developed a sustained presence there by having four websites available: tamera.fr, expeditions-unlimited.com, https://www.unghalak.com, saiga-voyage-nature.fr and secret-planet.com, the website where you are now.

We are very committed to our annual brochure. It remains a privileged means to reach out to you with our spirit and emotions. It is the only vehicle that offers a true synthesis of what we offer. That is why we continue to write each year, despite the infinite energy it demands! Do not hesitate to order it or view it online.

Over the year, we have two major media to share with you: the newsletter and social networks.

Our weekly newsletter allows us to keep you informed about our events (exhibitions, conferences), with our experts, to deal with substantive issues and of course, to inform you about our journeys and our destinations. Feel free to subscribe!

We are present on social networks with a community of about 54,000 members to date on Facebook, with 38,000 fans of SAIGA, 15,000 on TAMERA, 300 on UNGHALAK and 1,000 on EXPEDITIONS UNLIMITED. Join us !




We are pioneers of ecotourism. Our first responsibility is to ensure an equal partaking of the values shared with our local teams. These teams are more than correspondents for they are members of our global family. We regularly participate in community projects often in countries facing many economic and social difficulties. We do not negotiate the price with them, we ensure a fair price. It is the quality of service that is at stake.

The activity of SAÏGA without a doubt shows our commitment in terms of sustainable development and the preservation of the planet. Regarding our brochure, the paper used is 100% recycled, the ink it is printed with is vegetable-based and we limit the number printed. Finally, all travel journals are sent in a nice pouch made of recycled boat sails, collected from sail-makers in La Rochelle.



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