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    L'Obs | Is being an adventurer not the same as it was?

    In this feature article on the sense of adventure and the spirit of today’s adventurers, Eric Bonnem, the founder of Secret Planet, answers the questions of Anna Topaloff.

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    EuropeMag | Extraordinary Journeys

    EuropeMag, a Belgian bimonthly for professionals of the European Union located in Brussels, offers an interview with Eric Bonnem nearly five years after he founded SECRET PLANET.

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    Plume Voyage | The extraordinary world of Secret Planet

    The magazine PLUME VOYAGE submits articles and news on all types of travel, the world of luxury, and the universe of creation. Written by journalists, the webzine publishes every Friday, the main article of the week. Secret Planet was honored two consecutive weeks.

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  • Press Saïga

    Wild lands | Helping the conservation of sea otters in Brazil

    Travelling abroad is good. Travelling abroad and helping an association fight for the conservation of emblematic species is better. Travelling, helping, and roaming around an extraordinary country, like Brazil, to protect the long-tailed sea otters and toucans, that’s the bee’s knees!

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    L'Obs | The extreme excursion

    SECRET PLANET is sited in l'Obs for it’s partnership with Charles Hedrich and Sylvain Bazin in their solo attempt to cross the Atacama desert in Chili, next April, a first worldwide. Will you be amongst the four participants who will accompany them, guided by Bernard Muller?

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  • Blog NewsTamera

    Eastern Tibet | Festivals and monastery celebrations

    We offer many programs that include monastery festivals and celebrations in the Tibetan areas of Kham and Amdo. This Summer we will participate in the largest annual festival of the Bamei Monastery as well as two festivals.

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    Lyon | Saturday June 13th 2015 at 10 o’clock

    Exchanges are at the heart of SECRET PLANET. Like every year, dozens of partners, explorers, and NGOs from around the world will be present in Lyon to meet, to see you again, or help plan your next trip. Films, lectures, a round table, and a costume exhibition are on the agenda, a must.

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    Peruvian Amazon | An immersion in the Matses tribe

    In early April, Jean-Patrick Costa, a specialist of the Amazon accompanied three TAMERA participants in the first complete crossing of the Matses territory from South to North (160 kilometers) to meet these Indians who have not been in contact with Westerners for at least 12 years. Read this extraordinary story and join Jean-Patrick in two other departures in 2015.

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    Nepal | S.O.S

    On April 25th, the Earth trembled in Nepal causing thousands of casualties, wounded and homeless. Our partner and friend Nima shows, like many of his compatriots, extraordinary courage. Support them in their immeasurable undertaking.

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    Southern Africa | Conference

    On April 7th our friend Dominique Roussel led us through the confined worlds of southern Africa. His lavish images of an unspoilt nature are already a journey themselves where adventure and the great outdoors can be inhaled. (Re)discover the images of this conference.