Adventure & Peoples of the world

Ethnic groups, festivities and celebrations on the one hand, exploration trips on the other, these represent TAMERA's trademark since 1994, our passion.

TAMERA translates the word “open” in Tamahaq, the Tuareg language. It is in this dynamic opening that we draw always our originality. These are the games that transform our hiking adventures. This gives meaning to our travels, our trekking and our explorations.

Whether it is visiting isolated and rare ethnic groups or even just peoples, our efforts often aim to immerse ourselves in other cultures. We attend their festivals and celebrations, visit the local markets where the ethnic groups of the region converge. We understand the world, it’s beauty and it’s entirety. Some situations require great flexibility, understanding, empathy to get closer to the people that receive us.

Historically, we have been worn by the imaginings of great crossings and fascinated by the many stories and legends that surround them: the Trans-Saharan crossing, across the Silk Route with salt and spices, etc. Very early on we travelled with our Great Caravan® in the footsteps of major explorers, philosophers, writers, merchants and travelers of the past. Travelling across a continent, we take the time to rediscover locations, peoples, history.

We have become a well-known specialist for Himalaya trekking in areas where very few venture. Moreover, we have around 30 treks in Nepal including several expeditions led by specialists, that very few other operators propose. Discover all our trekkings and expeditions in Nepal (in French).

We innovate relentlessly in our destinations, in the themes that we address, in the programs we develop. Our participants can discover infrequently visited regions. In the more-known areas, we create exclusive and rare itineraries or themes.

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