Nature & Preservation

SAÏGA represents our commitment to the planet through travels. It is not eco-tourism, like we have by the very nature of our programs with TAMERA and EXPEDITIONS UNLIMITED. Here, our participants, called eco-volunteers, are whole-heartedly mobilized for an NGO and a conservation project, all the while enjoying an extraordinary life with a magnificent surrounding of nature and biodiversity.

Founded in 1996 in La Rochelle, SAÏGA is a pioneer in its field. For twenty years, we have offered our participants the possibility to discover, understand, love and respect nature by immersing themselves in emblematic conservation projects led by the most respected NGOs in the world. If we discover the world's natural heritage, we mostly meet those who dedicate their life to save the environment.

A little more than a dozen programs to protect, conserve and rehabilitate ... and just as many NGO partners with twenty years of existence. The programs are the result of a rigorous selection, which excludes folk demagoguery. The equal attention to the local stakeholders further enhances the fairness of our programs.

The effects of SAÏGA programs on the planet are quantifiable. Our immersion programs contribute to the funding of NGOs. The participants' experience creates lasting changes in their relationship with the world. These journeys sometimes lead to genuine vocations.

All programs can be described as an eco-volunteer “brick" from a larger program in terms of the richness of each destination we offer. Our ears are opened, do not hesitate to ask us to customize your program or create a customized voyage by integrating the expertise of TAMERA, for instance.

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