Explorers & Expeditions

With EXPEDITIONS UNLIMITED, we strive to highlight the intellectual, creative and mental aspects as much as, or even more than, the purely challenging physical aspect of an exploration.

The explorers who are gathered here are exceptional personalities and among the best in the world in their given environment. They graciously made a pact to accept participants less prepared than themselves to transmit their experience and by sharing their view of the world.

Modest about their past or future achievements, they carry within themselves an ethic of exploration. A form of lifestyle connects them.

Seven explorers offer expeditions to the most unique parts of the world, virtually untouched by man, in polar regions or deserts, at high altitude or at sea level. Dixie Dansercoer, Arnaud Dhallenne, Gilles Elkaïm, Philippe Frey, Bernard Muller, Bruno Paulet and Jean-Marc Périgaud take us in a crossing of Greenland, of the desert of Alashan, on the footsteps of the Bonvalot expedition in Upper Asia, to the North Pole, kayaking in the Northwest passage or canoeing on the Horton River, in a race across the legendary Fastnet or in a Pacific crossing from Chile to the Marquesas.

The success of an expedition goes through the interpersonal skills of the participants, often in small international groups. We offer expeditions across the wildest environments of the planet and give experienced participants access to their dreams of wide-open spaces. We guide towards the journey of a lifetime...

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