Adventure Kayaking

Founded by a group of kayak and adventure enthusiasts, with a strong kayak culture, Unghalak invites you to discover the world from a new angle. As a natural supplement to journeys on foot, whether it is sea kayaking, white water rafting, or even canoeing, we offer another way of exploring the world, over water. You can discover the coastal or lake landscapes. You can experience the thrill of happiness of an encounter with a less fierce fauna that indelibly marks the memory of the kayaker. You can meet the peoples who live by the water.

"Unghalak" means "west winds" in Inuktitut, the language of the Inuit. And it is in this tradition of canoe and kayak from the great North that we propose you discover our blue planet. We owe these words to Kim Hafez, author of the story "Unghalak, the wild quest" published by Transboréal and co-founder of Unghalak. It is his account of the great Canadian North crossing by canoe in 1996 which inspires us daily to design our navigating. To have journeys imbued with the same poetry and the same emotion.

The specificity of Unghalak lies at the crossover of adventure and expeditions, combined with its filiation to Secret Planet. Unghalak has a strong culture of kayakers based on passionate and recognized experts, and is demanding in its composition of groups in order to have participants of similar levels, aswell as in the quality of the equipment it uses.

The rigor with which we envisage our journeys is illustrated by the beginner and advanced-level training sessions we offer in Brittany, the Mediterranean or "on site" during our journey. For everyone to have the best possible experience, to find their place in the group, or so that the group progresses harmoniously, we insist that each participant has a certain level of kayak experience based on the minimum requirements of the journey. Over time, you multiply uour excursion experience, progress and gain autonomy. Nothing is more rewarding.

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Our team has a long experience in traveling around the world. We rely on it to guide our travels and also on our expedition leaders. They are mostly French and have received formal training. With the expertise of its guides and a global network of partners, Unghalak has a unique know-how enabling it to conceive and implement exclusive adventure kayak and canoe programs around the world.