Special Terms and Conditions of Sale

Bookings and Registration
Booking one of our trips and programs shown on our website, on the program sheets or on one of our estimates, implies accepting the General Terms and Conditions of Sale, under the Inter-ministerial Order dated 06/17/1994. It also implies accepting of the Special Terms and Conditions below. When signing the Booking Bulletin (BB) of a trip, a journey or an expedition, it implies the agreement of these terms and conditions.


Change and cancellation fees
A registered letter with recorded delivery must communicate any trip, voyage, or journey cancelled. A nonrefundable amount of 100€, per person will be withheld. Non-refundable cancellation fees will be calculated as a percentage of the total price of the journey or trip, depending on the number of days between the cancellation date and the departure date, i.e.: between 30 and 21 days: 25%, between 20 and 8 days: 
50%, between 7 and 2 days: 75% and less than 2 days: 100% of the total amount of the BB or the estimate accepted by the customer will be paid.


Special Cases
In addition to the cancellation charges mentioned above, for any transportation ticket issued upon registration and/or dates imposed by transportation companies, cancellation fees charged may be up to 100% of these tickets prices based on the cancellation conditions imposed by the companies. For journeys on charter and low cost flights on which we have engaged in, a cancelation fee up to 100% of the ticket (regardless of the date of cancellation) will be charged. Lastly, for any hotel reservation or services subject to specific cancellation policies, a cancellation fee up to 100% of the services, depending on the cancellation conditions imposed by the providers may be charged. The customer will be informed of the specific conditions of cancellation prior to registration.

If you have taken a cancellation insurance with us at 2.65% (option 3) of the total the amount of you trip, you can refer to the European Insurance Policy No. 7 905 996. In the event where we would have to cancel the trip, unable to gather the minimum number of participants, you will be notified at least 21 days before the departure date. In this case, and also if the trip had to be canceled due to natural disasters or whatnot, an alternative would be proposed to you or a refund of the amounts paid. If the cancellation is done on our part, for any reason, external travel expenses incurred by clients, such as transport costs to get to the starting point of the journey, visa fees, travel documents, vaccination costs, etc. will not be reimbursed in any way.


The civil liability insurance taken out by SECRET PLANET, under the provisions set out in Article 1 of the Order dated 10/13/1966, with ALLIANZ, policy RCP 086 871 715, covers the agency, in the event that damage is caused to third parties. The third parties being either a customer of the agency, or someone unrelated to SECRET PLANET.

Given the types of our journeys and the nature of our expeditions, we strongly recommend, if you are not already covered by your credit card or other method of payment, that you actively take out insurance for cancellation, loss of baggage, assistance and repatriation. To this end, we benefit from the European Assurance policy No. 7 905 996 for our customers in the form of an individual subscription.


Administrative and health-related training
You must have a passport, visa, and the vaccinations required by the authorities in the country to which you will be travelling. Our personalized and customized “program sheets” list these documents, but only as a suggestion. Therefore we advise that you check, yourself, the documents that you will need.

The nature of our programs includes human, technical, and climatic factors that cannot fit in any regulation. The registration to one of our journeys implies full acceptance of any changes to timetables, routes, or visits related to compelling events or circumstances.

Our guides and correspondents, whose primary concern is the safety of the participants, will be the sole judges. We will not be liable for any adaptation imposed by unforeseen circumstances such as rain, floods, difficult connections to roads, strikes, ethnic engagements, conflicts, etc.

To undertake our journeys, all participants must be in good health. Before each booking, the participant must inform the agency of any eventual or existing health conditions because in some circumstances, certain locations might be hazardous. Please note that due to the special nature of our journeys, medical centers may be far from the excursion. Therefore you must be aware of the risks and we ask you to be extremely careful, follow the guides’ instructions, and never find yourself alone. Your signature on the Booking Bulletin indicates that you cannot make us, or our correspondents, responsible for accidents. This also applies to all the family members of the participant.


Air Transport
Because of turbulence, civil aviation authorities, airlines and airports may need to change the dates, times and terms and conditions of boarding. The same applies to stopovers, layovers, and flight plans. As an intermediary, SECRET PLANET cannot be liable for any inconveniences and additional costs as a result from such circumstances (taxis, hotels, meals, etc.).
It is in this position of intermediary between the participant(s) and the service providers (local partners, transporters, and hoteliers) that we cannot be confused with the latter, who shall at all times remain liable in their own right.


The prices indicated were established according to the economic conditions prevailing from 10/31/2014. Any changes or fluctuations in the exchange rates or air fees can cause an alteration in the price, which the customer will be informed of as soon as possible. We therefore reserve the right to adjust our prices in accordance with legal provisions


Any claim shall be sent to SECRET PLANET within the month following the return date, by registered letter with recorded delivery. Any dispute or lawsuit shall be taken to court, at the Tribunal de Commerce, in Paris.


IT & Liberties
Brochure requests and registrations are processed by computer, therefore; you are entitled to access, amend, correct and delete any personal data which SECRET PLANET has collected. Unless you do not want us to share your personal details to third parties, this data may be sent to our partners for commercial prospecting purposes and kept to send various commercial documentation, in particular our monthly electronic newsletter.


The financial guarantee of SECRET PLANET, under the decree 94 490 of 06/15/1994 article 39, is provided by the APST (Association Professionnel de Solidarité de Tourisme).


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